Operating Since 1994 we are a family owned and operated business where we provide personal and unequalled service to all our customers. Nutty Nuts started with supplying tub nuts to service stations and hotels in northern country Victoria and continues to do so today.  Since then we have expanded our customer range into metropolitan Melbourne, including the CBD and recently into a national customer network.

Our Tub Nut Range is now officially on BP Australia’s planogram and  now available for purchase at over 250 BP Service Station sites around Australia.

Our nuts are sourced from growers throughout Australia and where varieties are not available from Australian growers they are sourced from overseas.  Our biggest priority is the quality and grade of nuts in our range so in some cases, in particular pistachios, where they are available from Australia, we still source them from California as the quality is by far superior.

Our Australian grown nut products include:

  • Macadamias
  • Peanuts
  • Almonds
  • Beer Nuts

We pride ourselves on having the best quality nuts available in our range, so much so that the quality is guaranteed.  When you consider any type of nuts grown there are always several grades.  In Nutty Nuts products we have the highest possible grade available. This would usually mean a greater expense to the consumer, but as we are a relatively small family business with small running costs our prices are generally better than our bigger competitors.