Bulk Nuts


Since 2005 Nutty Nuts has come up with a new, cost effective and innovative way for pubs to serve their patrons nuts for purchase. We supply our hotel customers with nuts in bulk (5kg packages) where they are displayed in clear glass jars behind the bar. The patrons then order a bowl or a scoop of nuts rather than the traditional packaged nuts which most hotels have today. The publican then uses a scoop, which measures 100gm, into a bowl for the customer to enjoy.

Quality Guarantee:
Nutty Nuts supplies the Jars, scoops and even the serving bowls for the hotels use at no charge. The only condition is that only Nutty Nuts varieties of nuts are used for sale in these jars. The reason for this is that the Jars and bowls have our logo printed on them and our philosophy is to supply only the highest grade of nuts to all our customers. We want to associate only the best quality nuts with our name and don’t want to risk having inferior products in our serving bowls. We believe in this philosophy to the extent that we guarantee our products. I.e. if patrons ever complain about the freshness or quality of the nuts supplied this way we ask the hotel owner to discontinue selling any further nuts from that batch and we will personally replace these with freshly roasted nuts free of charge.

We have found that the hotels that have adopted this method of serving nuts go through up to 5 times the amount of serves per month when comparing to packaged nuts. There are several reasons for this…

Display and Marketing:  When the jars are set up in a prominent position behind the bar they look fabulous and enticing. A patron waiting for a drink will see them and the site will touch a hunger nerve creating an impulse for them to order a serve.

Different Varieties of Nuts: When buying nuts in bulk there is no limit to what types of nuts the hotel can stock. Instead of having only the mundane trio of Cashews, Peanuts and Beer Nuts, the variety can include such varieties as Pistachios, Macadamias, Mixed Nuts, and our famous Pub Mix ( a chili bar mix of nuts, rice crackers and roasted corn) which is great with a beer or wine.

Value for Money: Without any packaging the owner of the pub is buying 100gm of nuts for less than what a 50gm pack would cost. This means that the cost to the patron will be the same or just a fraction more and they are receiving twice the amount of product for their money. Added to this is that they are a higher grade of nuts than those of our larger competitors. This means there is heavily increased repeat sales i.e. patrons coming back to the hotel will be happy buying again and again as they are getting value for money.

Increased Profits for Publican: With much higher volume of sales and increased profit margin, the hotel can now enjoy a large increase in profit made simply by serving nuts in this way to their patrons.

A Win Win Situation: With the patrons at the bar getting much better quality nuts and value for money, the hotel enjoying higher volume of sales coupled with higher profit margins, and Nutty Nuts supplying nuts to these hotels, there is a very evident win win win situation.